Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
with Peter Blum

The Sweat Lodge ceremony is an ancient purification ritual, which cleanses the body, mind and spirit of physical impurities and negative emotions. The process provides participants the opportunity to let go of anything that may keep them from attaining fulfillment and contributing their talents to serving a higher purpose. After having studied and sweated with several lodge-leaders from Lakota, Cherokee, Seminole and other native peoples, the lodges that I pour the water for are multi-cultural, inclusive lodges. We respect all paths with heart, and draw from many traditions. We honor the medicine wheel, the directions, the elements, and all our relations.

A lodge is usually at least a four-to-five hour affair, which includes gathering rocks, making spirit fire, heating rocks, and preparing by clearing mind through drumming and chanting. Lodges can be scheduled from April through November, and are by donation.

Participants should bring a blanket, a towel, their prayers, and an open heart and mind.

Peter Blum conducting a Sweat Lodge Ceremony
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