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CDs By Peter Blum
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Sounds for Healing: An Introduction to the History and Practice
Coming Home: Four Sonic Meditations
Spoken Healing Meditations
Explorations in Healing Music
Pulse Field (Sounds for Healing CD, Volume 5)
Singing Bowls And One (Sounds for Healing CD, Volume 6)
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Other Inspirational Recordings
by Peter Blum


Geography of the Unconscious - Recorded in 1991, this perennial self-hypnosis favorite features a generalized induction, "Geography of the Unconscious," on Side One, and "Progressive Relaxation" on Side Two.


Staying Healthy in a Stressful World - Recorded live November 1995. Keynote address at the annual meeting of BEAM - The Business
Educators Association of the Mid-Hudson Valley. A dynamic hour-long overview explaining how mind and body experience stress, and a some powerful and effective stress management techniques.


Singing Bowls for Contemplation, Hypnotic Trance and Meditation - Alternative tracks from "Sounds for Healing" CD recording sessions.
Absolutely the most hypnotic and calming sounds on the planet. Some tracks accompanied by tamboura.


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The Value of Not Knowing - Let Your Unconscious Be Your Guide
Recorded live at the Nat. Guild of Hypnotists Convention in 1996 before an appreciative and enthusiastic audience of professional hypnotists, this presentation contains a wealth of details about Ericksonian hypnosis, examples of therapeutic metaphor, embedded suggestions, and nested storytelling.


Stories That Enchant - How to Choose and Create Hypnotic Tales
Recorded live at the 2002 National Guild of Hypnotists convention in Nashua,
New Hampshire, this hour long video is an excellent overview of the use of metaphor, storytelling, and nested storytelling from an Ericksonian point of view. How to use stories to induce trance and make suggestions. Suggested for practicing hypnotists and counsellors.


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Himalayan Singing Bowls -
Ancient Instruments of Peace and Healing
©2002 by Peter Blum.
For the past 30 years, I have been involved in studying the connections between music, meditation, and healing. The insights from this research are the basis of this introductory booklet. Contents include Principles of Sound Healing and Guide to the Playing and Use of Himalayan Singing Bowls.


The Phone Book
I am pleased to announce that copies of THE PHONE BOOK are once again available. Now in its 5th printing, this 1989 classic, co-authored by Peter Blum and Richard Zarro, and published by Metamorphous Press, presents many of the fundamental concepts and techniques of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), as applied especially to the telephone.


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