What Is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) represents a relatively new discipline dating back to the mid-70's. NLP is a synthesis, organized by two primary co-founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, which draws from the genius of Virginia Satir, Dr. Milton Erickson, Frtitz Perls, Gregory Bateson, and the field of General Semantics.

A systematic study of human performance. NLP shows how the structure of subjective experience can be broken down into its smallest components (chunks), and changed, modified, improved upon, or removed. There is a great deal of overlap between NLP and Brief, Solution-Oriented Therapy. NLP is valuable wherever human communication skills can enhance results - in business consultation, management, negotiation, education, counseling, therapy, relationships, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance, and many other areas.

Neuro-Linguistic Healing™ is the application of the primary concepts of NLP toward a focus of healing, both self, and others.

Neuro-Linguistic Healing TM

An Intensive Training for Certified Hypnotists,
Doctors, CSW's, Nurses, and Allied Health Professionals

Experience awesome Hypno-Shamanistic pathways to your own vibrant health!
YOU WILL LEARN: Powerful, practical healing techniques to assist people maximize & actualize their healing potential by utilizing the language, metaphor and imagery of Neuro-Linguistic Healing.
A QUANTUM FOCUS experience, drawing on the latest discoveries and ideas from Mind/Body Medicine... Hypnosis... Spirituality... Philosophy... Physiology... Energy Medicine, Cognitive Science and NEURO-LINGUISTIC Psychology - NLH™ heals at the most personal and biological levels.

Primary concepts of NLH, including:
* Presuppositions of NLH
* Rapport
* Reframing and influencing desired outcomes
* Flexibility
* Pacing and leading
* Rep systems
* Anchoring

Review of reading assignment and Question and Answers
* Waking hypnosis
* Meta-questioning
* Plus some practical NLP techniques: Visual Squash, The Swish, Time Line possibilities, and Inner-child work
* Practical applications and strategies for getting the most out of NLH. Review & Certification Exam.

This course is co-facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Michael Ellner, a major force in educating health care professionals and the public about healing with the mind. His world-wide reputation for outstanding, inspirational, and life changing workshops, lectures and essays continues to grow. Michael has been repeatedly honored as a humanitarian, educator and gifted hypno-healer. He has helped thousands of people connect with and utilize their inner physician. His work with people with AIDS is legendary.

This four-day training is usually scheduled over two weekends, either one or two weeks apart. The cost of $595 includes all training material and certification by The National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology both in Neurolinguistic Programming and Neuro-Linguistic Healing.

What Participants Have Said
"Excellent teamwork by Peter and Michael. Your indirect approach coupled with specific techniques was very effective. And your sense of humor made the experience quite enjoyable."
Doug Grunther, host Woodstock Round Table, WDST

"I feel as though I have been given a valuable set of tools with which to help others and I am grateful."
Joyce Vassallo, R.H., Director, Wellness Education Division,
St. Francis Hospital, Poughkeepsie, NY

"This training was an incredible learning experience. NLP has intrigued me for many years. Many of the books I read on NLP left me confused or bored. This training made the material exciting and understandable."
K.F., Elementary school teacher, New Paltz, NY

"On this course I have received an excellent training in self-remembering and self knowledge. Now I am more equipt to help myself to realize a greater freedom, and others to do the same."
Euton I. Beckford, B.Ed., Teacher, New York, NY

"The knowledge and skills I acquired placed a new persepctive on my life. I learned invaluable tools, to promote happiness and healing, which I was able to use immediately and with ease, with remarkable results. Thanks!"
Magda Ferenczi, Certified Hypnotists, Oceanside, NY

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