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As we approach the millenium, there is an increasing focus on the powers of mind, and the importance of the mind-body connection for health and healing. Hypnotic trance and language are powerful ways to use the fabulous resources for change which lie within each person's unconscious. Hypnosis is gaining recognition by physicians and mental health professionals as an important ingredient in the medicine of the future.

Naturalistic hypnosis, based largely on the work of Dr. Milton S. Erickson, is a gentle, effective tool for short-term therapeutic change. The hypnotic state is one of relaxed alertness, in which clients are quite aware of their surroundings, and genuinely have the feeling of choice in their future behavior. Hypnotic work is always conducted in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Clients occasionally wonder if they personally will be able to experience hypnosis at a deep enough level. I'm less concerned, in fact, with getting them into trance than I am with getting them out of the trance they may already be in. In some ways, the therapeutic insights and behavior changes might be considered more realistically, a sort of "de-hypnosis". Consider how many people feel trapped in old, habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. These could be considered the result of inadvertent post-hypnotic suggestions that they made to themselves, or that others made to them years ago.

Learning to communicate with the unconscious, and with different systems in the body, to make new, healthier, more positive suggestions, is a large part of the training clients receive. This contemporary approach incorporates the latest scientific research on using imagery and autosuggestion.

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