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(please check back, as further workshops and concerts will be added as they are confirmed)

2008 NGH Hypnosis Certification Training
in New York City

Although each of the four weekends being offered may be taken separately (i.e. just the first weekend, or the first and second, or the first, second, and third), those wishing to become a Certified Hypnotist, through the National Guild of Hypnosists, must take all four weekends plus
25 hours of independent study.
Weekends are Sat/Sun from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

New York City Trainings are held at:
Tribeca Hypnosis and Healing Institute (THHI)
56 Beach St., #5C
NY, NY 10013 - 212-334-0299

Basic Hypnosis Training
March 15/16, 2008
First Phase of hypnosis training at will cover: Overview of Hypnosis, Brief History of Hypnosis, Presuppositions of Trance, Recognizing Physiological Indications of Change of State, Establishing RapportBasic Inductions, Safety Guidelines, Direct and Indirect Suggestions, and How to Bring Clients out of Trance.
$495, or special price of $395 14 day pre-registration.

Intermediate Hypnosis Training
March 29/30, 2008
Second Phase of Hypnosis Training will cover: Teaching Self-Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Sports Performance, Deepening Rapport, Secrets of Reading People through Minimal Clues, Gathering Information, Therapeutic Metaphors, How to use influential language, NLP techniques (Reframing, Pacing & Leading, Rep Systems, etc.), Mastering Permissive Language, Visualizations for Health, Awakening clients from negative, "stuck state" trances, Mastering arm and hand levitation.
I & II, $1095, or $650 (early registration)

Masters Hypnosis Training
April 5/6, 2008
Third Phase of Hypnosis Training will cover: Advanced Inductions, Fundamental principles of Success, Pre-Induction Talk, Suggestibility Tests, Dehypnotization, Deepening Techniques, Fractitionation, Ideomotor Finger Signals, Precautions in The Use of Hypnosis, Laws of Suggestion, Permission and Inclusion (Foundations for failsafe hypnosis), Dealing With Clients' Concerns, Fears, or Myths About Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Confidence and Memory Improvement.
I, II, III $1900 or $975 (early registration)

National Guild of Hypnotists Certification Training
April 19/20, 2008
Fourth Phase of Hypnosis Training will cover: Nested Storytelling; Applications for Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, and Weight Loss; Creative Use of the Double Bind; Confusion Technique; Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns;
Certification Testing.
I, II, III, IV - $2400 or $1399 early registration)

"We of the Global Healing Foundation feel so blessed that you were willing to give a benefit concert to help us get the word out about planetary healing. The gift of your music - a mosaic of singing bowls, drums, tamboura, and voice, as well as your focused meditative presence, made the space vibrate with magic..."

-Clare Rosenfield, Psychotherapist, Hartsdale, NY

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Peter's masterful drumming techniques, combined with his deep spiritual resources, magically access profound and powerful journeying experiences."

-Ron Lavin, healer and teacher, Staatsburg, NY

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