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Sounds for Healing Vol.'s I-V: $14.95
"Singing Bowls & One"
 (2 CDs): $25.00
 + s/h

The original 4-CD “Sounds for Healing” series was released in 1999. Conceived then to be used pre- and post-surgically in hospital and home, they have proved to be just as popular as an adjunct to self-hypnosis, meditation, bodywork/massage, acupuncture, yoga, etc. Thousands of copies are circulating round the world, being used in homes, hospitals, and clinics.

All of them feature the incredible spacious and meditative sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls in different settings – Vols II and IV being purely instrumental, while Vols I and III also include some spoken inductions and guided meditations, drawn from my extensive work in the field of hypnotherapy.

"Just want to say that I have listened to the CD many times and find it fabulous, everything I wanted. Your workshop this afternoon had a very wonderful effect on me and I look forward to meditating with the CD and possibly working with you again.
"Thanks so much."
Donna L., E.Hampton, NY


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"Sounds for Healing" Volumes I-IV
"The Everchanging Present"
"Singing Bowls And One"


Penumbra is defined as,“a partial shadow, as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination, or; an area in which something exists to a lesser or uncertain degree.”

New Album


(July 4, 2013)  Peter returned to the recording studio this winter, inviting Philippe Garnier, Steve Gorn, and Bill Ross to help him create a recording featuring his talents as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Utilizing the incredible and hypnotic sounds of the Monochord Table, the Sabian tuned resonating bells, 6 and 12-string guitar, gong, drums, rattles, Steve Gorn’s bansurai flute, and Philippe's Crystal bowls, as well as his collection of over 35 Himalayan singing bowls, Peter has created a collection of pieces designed to facilitate the evocation of deep moods of inspiration, meditation, and transcendence - to help listeners access that area “between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination.”




A live recording featuring Peter Blum on gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Sabian resonating bells, frame drum, tom tom, ocarina, etc.;
Steve Gorn, bansuri flutes & clarinet;
Naaz Hosseini, vocals & violin; and,
Thomas Workman, bamboo flutes, bansuri, bass duduk, udu drum, didgeridoo, ngoni, hindewhu, bone flute.

Over an hour of enchanting sounds recorded February 1, 2014 at MaMA in Stone Ridge, NY.

Cost $10 plus S&H
- Call or e-Write

Sounds for Healing CD,Vol I

Sounds for Healing Vol. I

"Introduction To The History and Practice Of Sounds For Healing"

How to use these CD's: Applications for healing, meditation, relaxation, creativity, etc. Demonstrations of Tibetan bowls, drums, and tamboura. Also, Guided Meditation.

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Sounds for Healing CD, Vol II

Sounds for Healing Vol. II

"Coming Home"

Four Sonic Meditations; no spoken words. Tibetan bowls and tamboura create magical tapestries of especially meditative and healing soundscapes.

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Sounds for Healing CD,Vol III

Sounds for Healing Vol. III

"Spoken Healing And Meditation"

A full body relaxation filled with healing words and images, and a guided healing dream story, both with a background of singing bowls.

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Sounds for Healing CD, Vol IV

Sounds for Healing Vol. IV

"Explorations In Healing Music"

More singing bowls, together with drumming, percussion, vocal toning, and guitar in further dimensions of rhythm and pitch for healing and creativity.

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"The Everchanging Present"

By Pulse Field
(Vol. V in the Sounds For Healing Series)

In 1999 the first 4 CD's in the Sounds for Healing series were released to critical acclaim. They have been used as a valuable focusing and healing adjunct by practitioners of meditation, hypnosis, massage, yoga, and acupuncture, as well as for sheer listening enjoyment.

This fifth studio recording, "The Everchanging Present" by our performance ensemble Pulse Field, features the incredible sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls, at times joined by the harmonic drones of tamboura and digeridoo, master percussionist David Budd and vocalist extraordinaire Naaz Hosseini.

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Peter Blum: 'Singing Bowls & One"

"Singing Bowls And One"

Inside | Outside
(Two CD Set)

"Singing Bowls and One" represents the realization of a long-held dream: inviting marvelous musicians from different cultural mixes to improvise a series of duets with the singing bowls.

Featured musicians include Downbeat poll winner Karl Berger, Indian classical flute maestro Steve Gorn, avant-garde jazz sax and brass player Joe McPhee, New Music accordion virtuoso Pauline Oliveros, and Renewalist Cantor Robert Esformes.

The music - some instrumental, some vocal, and a spoken poem - represent such a wide and eclectic range that it is extremely difficult to categorize the result except to say that it is extraordinary.

Grammy award winning engineer Malcolm Cecil did the mixing and mastering for "Singing Bowls and One."

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Each CD is $14.95
(except the Two CD Set, "Singing Bowls And One," $25.00), plus shipping and handling.

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